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There was an article in the Puxico Press dated Wednesday, August 7th by Alderman Hemby. He can have a front page spread in every newspaper from now on, but that is not going to change the fact that the only reason this is going on with the Mayor and the Board of Alderman, is that they want to take control of the Police Department. This has been going on for 10 years or longer. We the people voted in an election ten ago that we would not give up our right to vote for our city Marshall. "Shot down in flames" were the headlines in the Puxico Press after that election. I went door to door to all citizens of Puxico discussing what voting for this would mean to us. For them to even put this on the ballot was a slap in the face to we the people, and democracy itself.

However, since then whoever the Mayor and Board members have been, they have tried to undermined our wish and take control of the Police Department in other ways, such as what they are trying to do today. There was a letter published before this last election for Mayor, saying what a great guy Rick Mclean was. I believe it was from his wife. She noted, that people should not comment unless they know the whole story. Well, I know the whole story and it can be summed up in one word. Greed! Greed for power. Oh sure, I can see their point, it would be nice to have your own personal Police Department you could order around and fire if they did not do your bidding. But we the people will not give up our power, so stop trying to take it. Who appointed Alderman Hemby a Liaison? We didn’t! We elected him Alderman. So do what you were elected to do. Stay out of the Police Departments business. What kind of credentials does the Mayor and the Board have to nose around in the Police Department? Lets see them. So we the people say. Back off. He should not be proud to be appointed liaison, he is simply a pawn. In the self appointed Dictators regime.

I submitted a letter to the editor about the same time as Patty Mclean, but that for whatever reason, was not published. If it had been I believe the election would have turned out much different. Because I pointed out what this great guys agenda really was. To take control of the Police Department, Which is taking place as we speak. When the peoples voice is silenced or disregarded, Tyranny takes place. That’s what’s happening in City Hall right now. The Mayor has the employees of the Police Department running scared. Making them jump through hoops, threatening and ordering them around or they will be fired. Harassing our elected City Marshall, ordering him around like they have the right to do that. The Mayor and Board need to remember this is a Democracy and we are the ones they need to serve. Not there own greed for ultimate power over us. The Marshall cannot serve us properly with their interference, he answers to us, We the People and not the Mayor and the Boar
By -Patricia Gibson , A Concerned Citizen , also can be found (Here)
Puxico Missouri



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